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Dr Malina Fielder is the owner of Vet Nutritionist Clinic, she is a practicing vet and experienced nutritionist. She strongly believes that most of the diseases seen in our pets these days are triggered by commercial "junk" food. These diseases can be easily prevented by feeding our pets a complete and balanced, fresh homemade diet, made out of ingredients we use for human meals.


These Workshops are an Introduction in MHD-Modified Human Diet; Easy Home-Made, Complete & Balanced Food.


Dr Malina Fielder, is the creator of MHD (modified human diet), a holistic and natural way to feed pets. MHD plans are easy to follow, and cater to adult dogs, puppies and cats, as well as vegan and pescaterian pets.

Dr Malina has combined her two fields of expertise in veterinary medicine and animal nutrition, to offer you expert advice about the most optimal food for your healthy or sick dogs or cats.





Dr Malina's Veterinary Nutritionist Series:
*MHD for adult omnivore dogs
*MHD for adult Vegan and Pescetarian dogs
*MHD for omnivore and vegan puppies


Nutritionist consultations for:
*Adult healthy dogs, puppies and cats
*Sick pets
*Vegan and Pescetarian dogs and puppies

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Malina and the Animal Wellness clinic have cared for our animals for over 10 years and Malina has always looked beyond the usual bounds of remedial healthcare and delved into the illness of our animals holistically, from the inside out. Her knowledge and experience when it comes to the health and well being of all of our domesticated fur friends is second to none. As vegans and frequent carers of dogs who have come into our care with many complex health problems such as spleen removals, cancer or associated issues due to old age, I know that you can use Malina’s Vegan MHD diet not just to have sufficient nutritional needs met in our pets but to actually enhance their health.

I hope that vegans and non vegans alike can see the importance and knowledge behind this book and the research it has taken to delve into the idea of vegan diets for dogs. This book is a first as it has such thorough investigative and scientifically backed research in veganism for dogs. After all, if we actually looked into what is in common commercial dog food the ingredients are far from natural. Thanks Malina for all of your hard work and dedication! 

We recommend both this book and diet to care for your furry friends.



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